The Innovation Partnership is a framework for collaborative innovation

The IP framework aims to stimulate innovation at the scale and pace needed to develop solutions that reduce the environmental impact of creating value for society.

The IP model succeeds by ensuring that the financial, physical and human resources needed by entrepreneurs to test, develop and scale their innovative ideas, are made available to them.

The IP model is a financially sustainable framework and acknowledges the simple fact that to attract the scale of investment required to stimulate innovation at the scale and pace needed to overcome global challenges, such as defined by the SDG’s, an innovation framework must ensure investor returns meet or exceed market rates of return.

The IP model is a staged end to end framework that starts with clear problem definition defined by world class clients demanding solutions, such MNC’s, SME’s, Governments and members of civil society and ends with fully developed, de-risked and scalable economically attractive solutions, backed by key stakeholders and attractive to investors.